Timpo plastic toy knights From the mid 50's Timpo during their manufacturing life produced many variations  of medieval figures. Today they are some of the most collected of the 60's / 70's plastics.

KN numbered range (late 1950's)
wckonhorse2.JPG (46613 bytes) wtarthurand men.JPG (56452 bytes)  wtarthurshield.JPG (55643 bytes) 

Numbered KN20 to 25 for the foot knights

KN31to 32 for the three mounted.

Grey plastic hand painted.

Shields have same motif as the hollow-cast Knights of the round table produced in 1952.

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Silver Knights (early 1960's)

wt1konhorse2.JPG (69852 bytes) wt5foot.JPG (75289 bytes) wckonhorse.JPG (52960 bytes) 

Timpo's first swop-it range

Grey plastic, hand painted flesh coloured faces, silver painted Armour and colourful plumes. The body and legs plugged together with a sword belt in various colours in between. The head also plugged onto the body, allowing the head body to swivel into many different positions.

Crusaders (first series)
wtcrusadersfoot1st3.JPG (64566 bytes) wtcrusaderx2h.JPG (77690 bytes) Introduced in the mid 60's. Same swoppet idea as the silver knights. Good leg detailing of the chain mail with spurs.
Medieval Knights ( mid 1960's)
wtmedx5foot.JPG (91218 bytes) wtmed2xh.JPG (62332 bytes) Multicolored swoppet plastic parts to form very colourful knights. Matching shield and surcoat heraldic design


Knights in Armour with fixed shield ( early 1970's )

wt3horses.JPG (67331 bytes) wtx3foot.JPG (77536 bytes)


As above but coloured plastics used, because there was no hand painting there were only closed helmets.
Jousting Knights (approx 1972)
wtjousting2.JPG (58453 bytes) Timpo again used the moving visor from the hollow-cast Knights of the round table series after a lapse of 20 years. This time in black plastic, to produce a good looking knight.


Crusaders second series
Picture to follow Redesigned in the early the 1970's with some new figures. Leg chain mail not so well modeled and no spurs. The cross was also enlarged. The shield strapping was also strengthened to stop them breaking.
Knights of the Middle Ages (1974 approx)

wtmiddle3xfoot.JPG (83008 bytes)

A short production run of approx two years plus. Probably 

assembly cost were too high. Don't try and match surcoat and Armour heraldic detail as in some case this was not matched at the factory.

Mounted Knights of the Middle Ages (1974 approx)

wtflagh+12.JPG (96223 bytes)

 as above


Knights in Armour  with shield loops

wtx2foot.JPG (73720 bytes)


Coloured  heads and shields like the ones carried by the Medieval Knights.
Toyway Knights

Picture to follow


Knights in Armour series, but without shields.

Plus older KN series figures on horse's

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