Les Etains du Graal
Named knights of King Arthur's court by les Etains du Graal. These modern lead knights from France are made to a scale of 100mm and conjure up all the glamour of the fictional Arthurian literature. 
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King Arthur Sir Gauvain (Gawain)

The King Arthur range includes , Arthur, Kay Bohors, Gauvain, Sagremor, Perceval, Lancelot, Tristan, Galahad, Bedwere , Hector, and Urien. and a large round table.

The are also a few other Arthurian figures in different poses.
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King Arthur Guenevere Gawain Mordred

Large figures, solid lead, so heavy, but very well detailed. When painted and the complete set is assembled around the round table it is very impressive. Certainly the best Round Table scene I've seen.

They make a great painting exercise and because of their larger scale they are not as difficult as the smaller scales, because of their great finish you can leave them unpainted .  But sadly the models are a little more expensive than most castings even if bought in France. 

I'm often asked where these may be bought, may I suggest you check out Etains Du Graal web site as they can be ordered from France. In the USA Pewter Knights  show most of Etains Du Graal's range of Arthurian figures on their web site.