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Crescent Toys Wild West series
Crescent Toy Co Ltd 67 De Beauvoir Crescent Kingsland Rd London.Toy production from 1922 to approx. 1980.Henry Eagles and Arthur Schneider started producing model figures in the rear of a private house. Moving all production to large factory in Cwmcarn in Gwent Wales in 1949.

Started production in 1922 with lead figures and from late 50's moved in plastic.

The extensive lead range was about equal to the John Hill's although none compete with Britains. It included wild west, knights, civilians, animals  and railway equipment

Great favorites of mine are the well equipped shop counters., the ice cream parlour, fish shop and the butchers shop , great finds when complete.

Dan Dare figures are very sought after and hard to find in any condition.

Their plastic figures were made to a scale of 54mm or 60mm and covered soldiers, knights, wild west and spacemen.

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Indian in canoe with bundle of cloth which contains a metal tomahawk. Walking Indian with rifle Crawling Indian with tomahawk Standing Indian with knife Indian Chief with spear
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Indian with tomahawk Kneeling Indian with bow Indian walking with rifle Kneeling Indian with rifle Indian with arm raised with tomahawk (missing)
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Indian beating war drum Indian Chief sitting Indian standing firing bow Indian dancing with shield and tomahawk Indian shielding eyes 
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Indian with shield on detachable bucking horse Indian scout with hand over eyes on attached horse Indian with tomahawk on attached charging horse . .
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Davy Crockett with rifle Cowboy sleeping on saddle  Cowboy drawing revolvers Cowboy with one revolver out and drawing other Cowboy firing revolver
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Cowboy sitting on a log playing the banjo kneeling cowboy firing two pistols Cowboy with lasso Cowboy and cowgirl tied to tree Annie Oakley with rifle
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Cowboy firing revolver Detachable cowboy on bucking horse Cowboy on attached galloping horse Small 40mm scale attached cowboy on stopping horse. Cowboy firing pistol on attached horse














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