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Lead Figures from Betal, Benbros, BMC and BT. UK manufacturers.
Betal. Wild West 

Toy production started 1948 under the trademark Betal by J H the. Betal Works, Plaistow Road, London 

sbetcowgreenrope.JPG (55300 bytes) sbetcowboygun.JPG (63162 bytes) sbetcowboyrope.JPG (54275 bytes) sbetsittingindian.JPG (56495 bytes) sbetcrawindian.JPG (67952 bytes)
Standing cowboy with rope in blue shirt Standing cowboy with revolver in red shirt Standing cowboy with rope in green shirt Sitting Indian  Crawling Indian
Benbros Wild West 
Benbros Toy produced from 1951-1965. Started by Nathan and Jack Benninson  at Benbros (London) Ltd. 145 Gosport Road, Walthamstow, London

Figures were produced from about 1951 till sometime in the mid 60's.

The hollow-cast figures included the wonderful Robin Hood set, which is difficult to find complete and a very good range of mounted detachable wild west figures. The cowboy figures are often confused with Timpo. Try putting a Benbros Wild Bill Hickok side by side with a Timpo Buffalo Bill and a Charbens Buffalo Bill to appreciate the differences. 

bbillhickok.JPG (47941 bytes) bcowboy1gun.JPG (50075 bytes) bcowboy2guns.JPG (59592 bytes) bcowboyhatinair.JPG (46369 bytes) bcowboyrifleonlap.JPG (46149 bytes)
Mounted wild Bill Hickok Mounted Cowboy with one gun

Mounted cowboy with two guns

Mounted cowboy with hat raised.

Mounted Cowboy with rifle on his lap.

wild_west_002.JPG (49071 bytes) wild_west_010.JPG (53816 bytes) wild_west_008.JPG (52764 bytes) bsindian2armsup.JPG (34581 bytes) bsindianbow.JPG (61941 bytes)
Mounted  Indian with tomahawk Standing cowboy with pistol Cowboy standing with lasso Standing Indian performing a rain dance 

Standing Indian firing bow (former Timpo Model)

BMC. Wild West 
  Britannia Model Company Approx 1916-1933 at Oldarma Ltd 12 Hyde Road, Hoxton, London
sbmcindiantomred.JPG (46644 bytes) sbmcindiantom.JPG (49354 bytes) sbmcindianrifle2.JPG (55416 bytes) sbmcindianknife.JPG (51363 bytes)
Indian with tomahawk with fixed arm Indian with tomahawk with fixed arm Indian with rifle on moveable arm. Indian with knife on moveable arm.
B T.Wild West 
approx date for the figures below1950
sbtcow2gun.JPG (45428 bytes) sbtcow2gunblue.JPG (51778 bytes) sbthandsup.JPG (56589 bytes) sbtindianbow.JPG (53461 bytes)
Cowboy with two revolvers. Cowboy with two revolvers.. Cowboy surrendering. Hands up

Indian standing with bow.














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